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Happy Birthday, Gene Kelly!

On the offchance you didn’t hear that it was Gene Kelly’s birthday today, we’re sending some celebration your way! Here is just a smattering of the very best videos of our dear Mr. Kelly — one of the most athletic and graceful dancers to have ever lived and a true triple threat!!

Check out all the amazing stars who had the opportunity to share the stage with him — we’d be completely star struck if we’d ever had the chance to meet him.

Happy birthday, Mr. Kelly. Enjoy that giant tap jam up in the sky!


Inspiring Movement: Michelle Dorrance

Ladies and gentleman, a dear colleague… Michelle Dorrance.

I am stunned at her ear, the space, the sweet pocket and then the musician’s. beautiful reeling reaction afterwards…

For those of you who are not familiar with rhythm tappers, this lovely dame is among the new elite. She has created the most inspiring pieces over her already amazing career and continues to break the mold and push for new sounds and statements outside the box. She is hands down the most physically committed female tapper I’ve ever seen, with an attack that is full of masculine energy and aggression.

But this clip highlights what she does best… finesse. She doesn’t shred unless it’s time. She isn’t afraid of silence. She makes it about phrasing and dynamics and saying something profound musically. And, oh my word, how she swings…


Lady Grey