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Visit Lady Grey’s Lovelies’ New Site!

It is with great pleasure that I unveil our brand new, shiny and sparkly, Lady Grey’s Lovelies website! Information is being added to it daily, and we are hoping to have a glossier web address soon. But all of you, my beloved readers, are the people who have supported this dream… so I thought you deserved to see it in its first stages! We have begun building a mailing list and would love for you to subscribe (on our contact page) to stay updated on our performances, auditions, news, and other fun info!



Lady Grey’s Lovelies



I am ecstatic to officially announce that Lady Grey’s Lovelies have been invited to entertain at the Vermont Burlesque Festival on January 22nd! We will be performing our vintage shim sham shimmy to Opus One in Friday night’s performance, as well as participating in all festival events.

Tickets are on sale now, and they’re selling fast! We’d love to see your beautiful faces there, smiling back at us and bringing a raucous of audience support!

We owe all of you so much thanks for all of your love and support, and we can’t wait to take the burlesque world by storm!



Lady Grey