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A Little Gift for You (and me!)

Need rhinestones? E6000? Sequin booty shorts?

For all you coupon clipping dancer types that are friends, fans, and fellow performers, I am sharing my Discount Dance Supply professional discount code (TP29255) for you to use! The coupon can be used multiple times and is good for a flat percent of 8% off your entire shopping cart!! This helps our company out, as I get a little credit for your purchases, which I bank to save for costume basics for the Lovelies.

You can use this as many times as you’d like, and feel free to forward this, as it is transferable to other people, too!

To use the code, simply enter it in the “Coupon or Teacher Code” box in your shopping cart. Your discount will be reflected on the final screen.


Glitterifically yours,
Lady Grey



Inspiring Movement: "Slip" by Phillip Chbeebe and Renee Kester

Wow… THIS is what it looks like when the music completely overcomes the body… and when it happens simultaneously to two souls in one breathing space. So much trust and listening to the other person’s spirit.

I am mesmerized by their strength and control and their ability to access it without losing fluidity. So lovely.


Lady Grey

Burlesque Masterminds

I am on Cloud Nine. I spent hours tonight sharing with a dear past student of mine, going on a hunch that she was someone I needed to include in my burlesque venture. Little did I know I would connect with a kindred spirit who had walked a mile in my shoes in many ways and also be a mastermind at burlesque theater.


We shared a few stories and laughed at old memories, but the dreams we dreamed together in just a short while… oh, my readers! You will not know what hit you when Lady Grey and her beauties finally hit the stage together! I am dumbstruck at the creativity pouring out of people who want to share their beauty and sensuality and sense of humor with the world. These women are the bravest I have met, and I cannot wait for you to eventually meet them.

In the meantime, I leave you with my current project update: to create an evening of authentic vintage burlesque, spanning decades, locations, and genres – from high spirited French can-can to Gypsy Rose Lee aloof teases. I love brainstorming ideas – what are yours, friends? If your idea seems like it doesn’t fit, share anyway — it could start an entirely new conversation!

Lady Grey