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Throwback Thursday: LGL’s 1st Photo Shoot

A few fun memories for you from our very first Lovely photo shoot last year. Hard to believe how much everyone has changed…


Tim Walker's "Lady Grey" for Vogue

Back in 2010, Tim Walker created a most magical shoot for Vogue, featuring Howick Hall, the decaying home of Earl Grey that has been closed since the 1930s. Little did I know that these images I loved so deeply five years ago would come back to be a huge influence on my performing career. Walker’s combination of Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, and the grandeur of couture perfectly captures the essence of “Lady Grey”… and is a major reason for my having chosen the stage name I did. Here is a link to the behind the scenes video and a great explanation of his vision.

Lady Grey by Tim Walker –

Lady Grey







Throwback Thursday: Glamorous 20th Century Hats

There is nothing more glamorous than a beautiful chapeau on an elegant lady… her soft curls peeking out from under a lovely brim that frames her face. Here are a few reminders of the times prior to the 1980’s, when women knew how to wear a hat as a proper accessory to their outfit. The 1980’s brought the introduction of the miserable pork pie hat (made famous by singers like Debbie Gibson) and the oh-so-wrong backwards baseball cap… which served only to deteriorate the refined feminine fashion plate to a more androgynous, tomboy-esque image. I’d like to think Downton Abbey and The Great Gatsby are helping us remember that it is not only acceptable, but quite stylish to don a striking hat on an every day basis.


Lady Grey

Greta Garbo – 1920s
Ava Gardner – 1930s