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Our First Cabaret

What a weekend!

I can’t possibly express how thrilled I am with everyone and everything, but I’m going to try! Here’s a SHORT list of all the beautiful things that happened during our first magical cabaret:

Photo by Jacquelyn Friedman, Daily Collegian

– ridiculously fun audiences, some coming all the way from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to see the show!
– a completely sold out early show, and only six seats left at the late show!
– awesome write ups and photos in both the Centre Daily Times and the Daily Collegian
– eight new smiling inductees into our VIP club, the Bright Young Things!
– my beautiful friends Zee and Tonia came all the way from Pittsburgh to help with sound, lights, and backstage nerves!
– Little Tiggr kept me laughing and bouncing on stage, and she can flea hop better than any soul out there!
– James, our enthusiastic and helpful bartender, made my signature Cotton Club Fizz’s for everyone (recipe coming soon)!
– Mint Julep  made sure all the Lovelies had a place to rest their head after such a ridiculously long day!
– Sherry, Dippin’ Dot, and Pepper Jack worked furiously to sell chocolate cigars, candy cigarettes, snacks, and LGL shot glasses all night!

– Little Tiggr performed a little birthday dance for Tim that simply defied description!
– Pocket Monae brought her personal fan club to the 10 pm show
– Bearcat Betty drove all the way from Frederick, MD with Pepper Jack to walk on glass for me!
– the staff at the State Theatre – Sarah, Emily, Greg, Steven, Karen… all went out of their way to help make this a success!
– Lucille Fireball was madly determined to push through feeling sick all weekend to kill her toe tap routines, and kept shoving bobby pins in my hair all night!
– Anna Sassin’ just kept handing me poker chips and saying “you have to do this now”. Thank the gods she was my project manager all night!
– The man who somehow convinced me that I had no need to panic, no
need to worry this past week, who managed to calm me when normally I’d go into full bitch mode. A huge thank you to Terry from me and ALL the Lovelies for food runs, shuttling beautiful women to and from the theatre, loading in and out, creating beautiful signage, showing up in a bow tie and a smile, and making sure our glasses were always full.

My heart is so full it could burst right now. I am thrilled so many of you were there with me to witness the birth of a vision. Here’s to speakeasy dreams, the continuation of live entertainment, and to living outrageously!

Lady Grey


A Little Gift for You (and me!)

Need rhinestones? E6000? Sequin booty shorts?

For all you coupon clipping dancer types that are friends, fans, and fellow performers, I am sharing my Discount Dance Supply professional discount code (TP29255) for you to use! The coupon can be used multiple times and is good for a flat percent of 8% off your entire shopping cart!! This helps our company out, as I get a little credit for your purchases, which I bank to save for costume basics for the Lovelies.

You can use this as many times as you’d like, and feel free to forward this, as it is transferable to other people, too!

To use the code, simply enter it in the “Coupon or Teacher Code” box in your shopping cart. Your discount will be reflected on the final screen.


Glitterifically yours,
Lady Grey


2016 Booking Openings

I’m still free for plenty of teaching and performing every month this year, so don’t hesitate to ask!

3/4 & 3/5   Open
3/11 & 3/12 Open
3/18 & 3/19  Open

4/1 & 4/2  Open (Philadelphia)
4/8  & 4/9  Open (DC)

5/6 & 5/7  Open
5/13 & 5/14  Open

6/11  Open (New York City)
6/17 & 6/18  Open
6/24 & 6/25  Open

7/8  & 7/9  Open (DC)
7/15 & 7/16  Open
7/22 & 7/23  Open (South Bend/Chicago)
7/29 & 7/30  Open

8/19 & 8/20  Open (South Bend/Chicago)
8/26 & 8/27  Open

9/2-9/4  Open
9/9 & 9/10  Open
9/16 & 9/17  Open
9/23 & 9/24  Open
9/30  Open

10/1  Open
10/7 & 10/8  Open
10/21 – 10/23  TENTATIVE (San Francisco)

11/4 & 11/5  Open
11/26   Open

12/16 & 12/17  Open


Rules of Being a Lady: Be Intelligent But Not a Know-It-All

A lady is accomplished, well-spoken, elegant, refined, intelligent, gracious, patient, and forgiving. She bears no ill will against others, and she is honest without being vindictive. She inspires people and gains their respect by setting an excellent example of behavior.

While I aim to be all of this, I miserably miss the mark in so many ways, and it is always so very difficult to know where to focus your energy and what needs refining.

In an attempt to save on thousands of dollars in psychologist fees, a dear friend and I agreed to be brutally honest with eachother and give one another our top 3 suggestions to improve ourselves. We had made plans for dinner (and an elegant one at that), and looking back, I wish we had kept our dinner conversation to pleasantries and appropriate conversation for eating. As it was, this topic should obviously have accompanied the port we drank later at my home.

Hindsight is 20/20.

The first item he suggested hit me between the eyes, and I truly have yet to recover from it.

He complimented me by saying I was obviously intelligent, very well-read and creative. He said he enjoyed my company and our conversations immensely. He then proceeded to explain that I use my intellect as a defense, or even as a weapon used to bully other people and protect myself. He mentioned several instances, some of which were surprisingly inaccurate from my perspective. But my heart began to sink even more as I listened to him continue speaking, realizing that whether it was my intention or not, I was indeed intimidating and perceived as using my intelligence to get the upper hand in relationships.

So I did what any lady should NOT do: I fought him. I argued my case, gave examples with reasons, explained how I spent so many years allowing my ex-husband to do all my thinking for me… and I “won” the argument. I successfully made him feel horrible for doing something I had asked him to do — to help me identify my weaknesses — and not only that, but I had intellectually punished him for doing it.

Oh. My.

I suppose my NewYear’s resolutions are writing themselves.

Ladies, consider yourself. How can we remain woman of wit and character without taking prisoners? Intelligence is to be valued when properly yielded. Being a know-it-all or using your intellect to leverage a position of power MAY work in the boardroom, but it is a threat to healthy friendships and relationships in every other realm.

So, I am publicly apologizing to him and attempting to make up for it by letting you in on his wisdom.


Lady Grey