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Inspiring Women: Melody Gardot

gardot4I first discovered this woman when she played an intimate concert in our town’s small theatre back in 2009. When she hit the stage in her stilettos, fedora, corset, dark glasses, and walking stick… oh my, my. I’ve never seen such an icon of femininity. She was by far the sexiest, most confident, most elegant woman I’d seen in my lifetime. Her mode of moving immediately slowed time to a near crawl, and I could feel her energy seep out and roll in waves off the front of the stage to where this quiet, closeted, little Lady Grey sat with her mouth hanging open.

Melody Gardot greeted us in hushed tones, breathy, ethereal, and altogether far too French for me to comprehend. At the time, I didn’t realize I was encountering a woman who understood and lived my love of all things French, from Edith Piaf to the dark streets of Montmartre in the evening.

When she opened her mouth to sing those first life-changing notes, I felt like my soul rose up out of my chest to ride them through the air. She lift her brandy snifter off the piano, took a sip, and started in again. I had no idea then that she had overcome anything. Hell, she was who I aspired to be in that moment… larger than life, magnetic, and magical.

Who could ever have imagined that just a few years prior she had been unable to speak, sing, or walk… let alone stride onto that stage and steal my heart?

But that is exactly what happened. In 2003, she had been hit by a car while riding her bicycle in Philadelphia.She suffered incredible injuries to her spine and head, resulting in a stay at the hospital of over a year. While there, an insightful doctor suggested (thank GOODNESS), that music often was used to reprogram and grow neural pathways. She began writing her music from her bed, while once again learning to brush her teeth, overcome pain, and cope with the overwhelming loss of both her short and long term memory.

gardotTake a moment and watch these videos of her. There is no trace of an injury, no hint of handicap. She is not only a beautiful woman who has overcome so very much, but she is one of my favorite musicians. Her music is her own – copying no one. She has created it from the very depths of her soul, and I believe it will speak to you. Each of the videos I have posted here are completely different. She reinvents herself and reaches and pushes for something new every time she creates. Her new album came out this week, and I hope I’ve already made you a fan.

Lady Grey


Wordless Wednesday: Head Turner

Sometimes a picture just captures perfectly how you feel on the inside, who you aspire to be, from head to toe on the outside. From her hat, to her pearls, to her magnificent shoes… this is the woman who turns the head of everyone in the room.



Lady Grey's Most Coveted Wishlist Picks

Of course, I have a wishlist for clothes… and a wishlist for vacations… and a wishlist for the perfect man… don’t we all? But I decided to try and pare it down to the 10 most coveted items I truly would do a full blown happy dance if I really owned these. Also, should anyone feel a deep need to purchase these as gifts for me, don’t hesitate to ask for my mailing address. Ha!

What would your list include?



1. Cocoon coat:

2. Double Layer ostrich feather fans



3. Perfect cloche hat


4. The perfect pillbox hat:


5. Gloves in every color of the rainbow


6. This lovely little rockabilly dress


7. This fantastic fur:


8. This cute little Country French bench:

9. This jaunty vintage luggage:

021_l 1323723_l

10. This absolutely perfect Art Nouveau Dressing Table set:

art nouveau

11. And of course, it’s still a toss up between the new Acura NSX and the 1931 Duesenburg:

01-acura-nsx-concept-detroit-628 31-Duesenberg-J_DV_13-AI-001


Fashion Friday: La Petite Robe Noire (The Little Black Dress)

I was contacted this week by Korrie at to put together a style sheet using one of their elegant little black dresses and feature it on my blog. I can’t tell you how much fun I had with their program… dragging, dropping and creating this romantic spring look. (I wish I had a little Paris excursion planned for May. I’d pack this little black dress and coordinating ensemble in a heartbeat!)I’m in love with the pleats and the 3/4 sleeves, as well as the beautiful boatneck collar on this little black dress. And can we talk about that blush BB Dakota overcoat?? So exquisite! I also just couldn’t choose which handbag I liked more, so I included both.


I’d love your vote, your pins, etc. If you enjoy my first attempt at laying out a style sheet, please click through to it on their site and “love it”!

Lady Grey

Wordless Wednesday: The Divine Marquise


Marchesa Luisa Casati – heiress, arts patroness, eccentric fashionista, and exotic muse – with one of her favorite pets.

That we could all live so in tune with our wild energy…

Lady Grey

The Outrageous, Divine Marquise