Wordless Wednesday: Lady Grey


Lady Grey


16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Lady Grey”

      1. your a darling thank you – i am all over the place at the moment … and i really do love my corsets. and i simply adore your blog – its so beautiful –

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  1. I love my corsets, and after two years of not being allowed to wear them – oh heaven. I have lost 3 stone in weight and boobs are much smaller – waist much tigther and no bits where there should not be bits – I work in a scruffy dusty boat shop of the thames and wear white trousers, huge men saville row shirts, and my now ever present corsets. They cause a gentle stir with the people i work with – whom i simply adore. I love my corsets – x – Thank you Lady Grey – (I post me in my corsets from time to time on my blog (mmm – wordless wednesday – sorry )

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      1. oh dear – i don’t know. i’m not very good on this thing – i kinda wing it… can you see it?


  2. and please forgive my recent rambles. I have been feeling a little lost as Mr F has been terribly distracted – but … i am hoping and praying that He is feeling a little more himself. WP so helps with all my messy stuff in my head – and there are such kind creatures out there that makes me feel no longer alone x

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    1. You must know you are loved, dear one. I lurk and watch on the days where I feel lost. I absolutely know how you feel. I am especially grateful for the conversations at Tatiana ‘ s Garden and Tall Dark and Dominant’s place. 🙂


      1. You are such a darling for saying so. I don’t know Tatiana but adore Tall Dark and Dominant. Have you met mrmorganthoughts and beaten bruised and broken, and my favourite girls, Annie b and Pandora Spocks. To have met such amazingly beautiful people has allowed me to be free. It has not changed who I am, but they have allowed me to be happy and accept myself the way I am. Mr F gave me this gift of you all and I hope I deserve truely youj kind and lovely words .

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      2. I do not know mrmorganthoughts or bbb, but will promptly look them up. Annie b and Pandora are both here. Mr F sounds like a delightful man. Please give Him my regards. Love, Lady Grey


      3. Mrmorganthoughts – he is brand new – and writes so so beautifully, and BBB – he writes just when I need to hear him

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