Inspiring Movement: "Slip" by Phillip Chbeebe and Renee Kester

Wow… THIS is what it looks like when the music completely overcomes the body… and when it happens simultaneously to two souls in one breathing space. So much trust and listening to the other person’s spirit.

I am mesmerized by their strength and control and their ability to access it without losing fluidity. So lovely.


Lady Grey


7 thoughts on “Inspiring Movement: "Slip" by Phillip Chbeebe and Renee Kester”

      1. No, but she is and always has been the gentlest and loveliest of daughters. I am truly blessed to have been chosen by her. Lady Grey, a bad day today, but your words are a delight ….

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      2. Oh I shall. She wants to be a shrink, via the Royal Navy, but she is at present working towards being a paramedic. Her dancing keeps her sane, has made her mom cry often at her remarkable girl. Wish you could see her

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      3. My email is stringofpearls2 (at), should you ever wish to share. My early studies were in neurophysiology… sounds like we enjoy similar things. 🙂


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