So honored to be mentioned alongside such amazing fashion and beauty icons! I hope you enjoy the Regency Girl blog. It is, by far, my favorite place to spend time in the blogosphere. This post highlights some “how to’s” of creating beautiful (though somewhat elusive) pincurls, including a little video of the blog author and , Raven Tao.

Lady Grey

The Curious Raven

Pincurls! Old Hollywood had it right – big voluminous pincurls, set to highlight the most feminine features of the wearer.

Short curls on Ava Gardner, shoulder length waves on Marilyn Monroe, long gently flowing locks on Veronica Lake… there are pincurls for everyone. Easy to do and simple to maintain, once mastered pincurls are the kind of styling that any woman can do herself and look like she’s been to see the salons best stylist for a few hours. Dita von Teese does it, and anyone who wants a Vintage Vogue look should know how to do it too.
Effortlessly glamorous… my favourite kind of glamorous.
It gives an elegant and put-together look that I absolutely adore.

The key to pincurls is practice, practice, practice. There are some great tutorials on youtube, and here’s a little clip of my own-

I’m still finding that I have work to do on the front curls. I…

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