Lady Grey's Most Coveted Wishlist Picks

Of course, I have a wishlist for clothes… and a wishlist for vacations… and a wishlist for the perfect man… don’t we all? But I decided to try and pare it down to the 10 most coveted items I truly would do a full blown happy dance if I really owned these. Also, should anyone feel a deep need to purchase these as gifts for me, don’t hesitate to ask for my mailing address. Ha!

What would your list include?



1. Cocoon coat:

2. Double Layer ostrich feather fans



3. Perfect cloche hat


4. The perfect pillbox hat:


5. Gloves in every color of the rainbow


6. This lovely little rockabilly dress


7. This fantastic fur:


8. This cute little Country French bench:

9. This jaunty vintage luggage:

021_l 1323723_l

10. This absolutely perfect Art Nouveau Dressing Table set:

art nouveau

11. And of course, it’s still a toss up between the new Acura NSX and the 1931 Duesenburg:

01-acura-nsx-concept-detroit-628 31-Duesenberg-J_DV_13-AI-001



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