Part 1: Roaring 20's Dance Moves for Beginners

shorty georgeYou too, can learn to dance and have a roaring good time, just like you’ve seen in so many Gatsby-esque dance scenes on film as of late! The moves take a little practice, but I’ve compiled some great video footage for you to learn from, hopefully making the task fun and not difficult at all!

Allow me to introduce myself — I’m Lady Grey, a dance educator for 27 years and an aspiring burlesque queen. My experience is in the tap and swing worlds, and where I was lucky to cut my teeth with some of the greatest hoofers and swing dancers in the world.

As I prepare to eventually launch into a full time performing career, I’m reminded of just how much fun the lovely dances of the 1920’s were. I hope you have a blast with these first few!

Lady Grey’s Roaring 20’s Picks:

1. Truckin’
2. Shorty George
3. Charleston
4. Boogie Back
5. Spank the Baby

Coming Next Week:
Even though it’s Top 10 Tuesday, I thought 10 was a little rough to begin with… so, let’s keep it to five today and I’ll give you these beautiful moves to look forward to next week!

6. Fishtail
7. Apple Jack
8. Suzy Q
9. Black Bottom
10. Falling Off the Log

Happy dancing to all of you! If you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. You know how much I love teaching and sharing!

Lady Grey


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