Wordless Wednesday: Speakeasy Dreams

A little peek into my vision for the future…9c50b720df5c3213f0dc3157e3c398d4 41ba44ab529e780e850ecf777b2d2c78 4134f7c839f3bd77e24fe0cd0fb103e6 79463df487e9f8e39028525e7d39a967 884945d8de39361f0cd19206053faab0 a7f14626a234f37dfd11c0afa4e7a517 ae70366003ddee6ecf3c515b441e9b87 b95d05da37d590c4ec6dbf99652c3493 d4f20588428a785b313807171ea587cc

wpid-burlesque.jpg wpid-p010.jpg


Lady Grey


6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Speakeasy Dreams”

  1. I’ll take shot of something heavy and a glass for the dame in the red dress, and fill it with something classy, she looks more than your average skirt and that fire in her eyes, for her I don’t care if I get burned

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