On Being Magnetic & Feminine

Today was a break through day, a game changer and the glorious shot in the arm I needed. I was offered a position as Executive Assistant to the President and Owner of a prominent global company today! Yay me! No more depending on cyclical income, a deadbeat husband, or the merciless job market.


In other news, I have been following this absolutely wonderful personal blog for a few months now, and after today’s success, I think these words from her May 29th post are appropriate and a great snapshot of my personal preparation for the interview process:


And that consisted of having a purpose in life. Ok, I got that one.

Then the second advice was:


This is very cultural, but for the author of the book it meant: wear high heels, dresses, make up, and accessorize your look.

I didn’t buy any of the books, but as I went out tonight for a walk, I noticed how many women were wearing high heels and dresses. And I admit that I was wearing my sneakers and jeans, carrying around a notebook to write down my ideas. And my hair was attached. I think that I was looking fine, but a simple mortal wouldn’t recognize me as a goddess, right away.

Could these books have a point? But then there is nothing on how to open your heart to each other. When you get back home with this guy and you get off your high heels?

The caterpillar and butterfly metaphor came back to my mind. I think that a lot of “internal” work has been accomplished during my chrysalis period. I feel close to emerging as a butterfly. I need to open my wings and get myself into the “right outfit”. Not as a disguise, to hide who we are.

But as a way to communicate our inner being

I really feel that my life is only just beginning, though yesterday truly seemed so very desolate and lonely. With this new energy comes motivation to be magnetic, feminine, beautiful, and successful. To read her entire post about choosing the “right outfit”, click through here: May 29 – Butterfly emerging: on being magnetic.




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